Monday, June 13, 2011

DollyLush1's '2k11' Summer Line

Hey Guys,

  Talented designer DollyLush1 recently [1 hour ago, hehe ^-^] posted an ad/preview on her YouTube channel about her new '2k11' Summer Line. The fashions look pretty epic. I will ask her questions, so wait patiently.

Q&A's will be posted right here-->

UGS= When does your summer line start selling?

Dolly= It start selling in July, I haven't thought of the day yet.


UGS= Will you be auctioning or doing customs?

Dolly= I will be auctioning, and maybe selling a few things in my boutique.


UGS= How much do you plan on selling/auctioning everything for?

Dolly= I would say prices from five thousand and up, I am not good at setting prices. (:


Thanks Dolly for answering my questions!



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